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Best International Calling Rates

We provide low cost international calling rates to any mobile or landline number in thousands of destinations around the world.
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Reliable and Valuable Cloud VoIP

PingMe is a Multi-Cloud based VoIP service provider that helps you make both local and international calls at an extremely low price.
Both Google Cloud and Amazon web service (AWS) Platform bring you an unprecedented call experience with cloud-powered security. Just using your existing high-speed Internet connection to make calls.
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Powerful, International Calling

Due to our worldwide deployed servers, calls can be used everywhere as long as there is an internet connection. Even you can call for free with easy and fun actions.
It is time to say goodbye to your crazy phone bills. You call the tune.

Features All For Your Everyday Life

Trustworthy Cloud Based

Disaster Recovery, always available

Affordable Rates

Not only the cheapest, but aslo excellent quality and service

International Calling

Support almost all countries on earth

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