What Is a Disposable Phone Number and What Is It Used For?

What Is a Disposable Phone Number and What Is It Used For?

The prepaid mobile phone. Even more ominously, the burner phone. They’re all just nicknames for a disposable phone. What exactly is a disposable phone and why would you want another number at all?

A disposable phone number is a secondary number on a phone that’s often prepaid. You can use a burner phone for several reasons, including:

  • As a cheaper alternative to your current phone
  • As a backup
  • If you’re in an emergency
  • For privacy

If you’re thinking of getting a disposable phone and thus a new number for the reasons above or any others, you’re not going to want to miss this article. In it, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about burner phones, including how to get your own or use an app to mimic one.









What Is a Disposable Phone?

First, let’s talk more about disposable phones. These devices, called prepaid or pay-as-you-talk phones, are secondary in nature. Most people who use a disposable or burner phone also have a main smartphone they rely on as well.

When you buy one of these phones, you should get a credit for it as well. This lets you make and receive calls and even exchange texts. You pay for what you need and nothing further. If, at any point, you decide you don’t want or need your disposable phone anymore, you can drop it without circumstance. You’re not tied into any contract with a prepaid phone.

Still, the same cell service carriers you might already use for your primary phone also offer burner phone services. These include Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T. You can expect quality service just like you would with any other phone then. Instead of a certain amount of data you use, though, with a disposable phone, it’s minutes.

If you run out of minutes, then you have to replenish your limit. You can do this with prepaid cards that contain X amount of minutes.

According to How Stuff Works, as of 2007, United States residents with a prepaid or disposable phone amount to 10 percent of the population. That number may be even higher today. Women tend to use these phones more than men.

Does a Disposable Phone Always Have a Different Number from Your Main Phone?

When you buy a disposable phone, what kind of phone number do you get? Is it the same number as your primary phone?

Considering your primary phone and your disposable phone are two different devices, no, you won’t have the same number. Instead, you’ll have a brand-new phone number. It should still have your local zip code, but if you want to change even that, you can. The rest is its own separate number as well.

That’s actually one of the perks of owning a disposable phone, which we’ll get into now.

Why Use a Disposable Phone?

While burner phones may be associated with adulterers and other shady characters, not everyone who owns one uses it for nefarious reasons. In the intro, we touched on why you might have a disposable phone, so let’s expand on those points now.

Disposable Phones Are Cheaper

A burner phone certainly has one clear advantage over your standard Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone. They’re bucketloads cheaper.

Let’s look at the latest iPhone (as of this writing) to compare prices. It’s the iPhone X. Okay, so the 11 is on the horizon, but we don’t know its cost yet, so we’ll focus on the X. This device is $999 before you add any bells and whistles.

If you’re a fan of Samsung, their Galaxy S10 also has the same starting price as the iPhone X. In short then, you probably won’t find a new brand name smartphone for under $1,000.

With a prepaid or disposable phone, you don’t need to shell out nearly as much money. If you got the Kyocera Coast Prepaid Phone, you’d spend $35 on it. That’s it. You can still get a Samsung with a prepaid phone, the Entro. This costs $20. You’d have to pay as much for an EX431G Tracfone from Motorola. 

Now, that’s just the cost of the phone itself. The minutes may come separate, but not always. Even if you do get built-in minutes, you also have to consider that you’ll buy more minutes every few weeks or months. Still, you could buy minutes nearly every week and you wouldn’t pay even half the cost of a new smartphone by going the prepaid route.

They Serve as a Good Backup

While you never hope you’ll misplace or lose your smartphone, sometimes the worst happens. Your phone could also be stolen, an unfortunate fate, but a possibility nonetheless. Having your disposable phone would make your life a little more manageable as you try to find or replace your lost smartphone.

Burner phones boast a lengthy battery life, especially compared to a smartphone. For one, you don’t often use them every day, which keeps the battery running longer. Also, these phones can’t use tech like GPS and even LTE or 4G Internet, which again preserves battery. Since you don’t have to charge them as much either, their battery doesn’t degrade as quickly from recharging and recharging like what happens with a smartphone.

In all, you get an inexpensive, dependable device that you can trust in a pinch.

They Come in Handy in an Emergency

Your prepaid phone maybe can’t do much, but you can certainly use it for calling 911 if you ever have to. Even those disposable phones that don’t have a SIM card include this capability. You could always stash your burner phone in your purse, in your glove compartment, or somewhere else accessible so if the worst happens, you’re ready.

You Can Enjoy More Privacy

Do you ever wish your smartphone would stop buzzing for just a second so you can enjoy some peace and quiet? It’s always notification after notification mixed with texts and social media pop-ups. You’re sick of it. You don’t want to tell all your friends to buzz off, but you wish you could just leave all the tech havoc behind for a little while.

With a burner phone, you can. Since you have a new number, the only people who will know it are those you give the number to. Yes, okay, telemarketers will get their hands on your disposable phone number somehow, but otherwise, if it rings or dings, you know it’s only from people you want to hear from.

How Do You Get a Disposable Phone Number?

You can buy a disposable phone the same way you would any other. You may shop around online at your favorite retailer like Walmart or Best Buy. Also, you can go directly to the service provider, such as Verizon, Kyocera, or AT&T. Both online and at bricks and mortar stores, you pick up an inexpensive new burner phone.

Need minutes? You can even get these online! Otherwise, you can likely buy them at any of the abovementioned retailers.

Apps That Mimic Disposable Phones

What if you just can’t get past the thought of a disposable phone being kind of skeevy? You like the concept of these phones just fine, but you couldn’t imagine owning one yourself.

You’re in luck. Through the power of apps, you can make your primary smartphone operate like a burner phone. There’s no need to buy a secondary phone or top off your minutes anymore.

Here are five such apps to get you started.


With Sideline, you can get a second phone number on your primary phone. You get to choose the number rather than have one randomly generated for you. If you want, you can even adjust the area code of your new number to something you like.

This second number can make and receive calls, take advantage of an unlimited amount of texts, and do voicemails. The minutes come from those provided to you from your service carrier, making Sideline very convenient. You’d pay a monthly fee of $9.99 to use it.


A cloud-based service, Line2 also lets you select a desired secondary phone number. This includes vanity and toll-free numbers as well. With Wi-Fi connectivity, cellular data use, and cellular voice features, Line2 is no slouch. You can even get your whole business team set up on this app and then use the outbound and inbound call routing features.

Line2 supports use on Mac and PC computers, tablets, and of course, your phone. It costs $9.95 a month.


The CoverMe app is intended more for those who want private communications. Available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, CoverMe has such features as Disguise mode, where the app changes instantly to a newsreader so no one knows what you were doing.

You also get a Private Vault for stashing your documents, notes, passwords, videos, and photos you want to keep safeguarded. You do get a secondary phone number as well, as you’d expect. Other features include private messages that self-destruct after a period, private calling with encryption (military grade, too), and private texting that’s also encrypted.


Speaking of encryption, Hushed offers it as well. You can also get this app on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. With Hushed, you may add a second, third, fourth, or fifth number if you feel like it. You can customize this number as you wish and then start using the app to make and receive calls and texts. You can even reach more than 45 countries via your secondary burner number.  

Hushed has a free trial. You’d then pay $1.99 for the service after that. The app charges 1.5 cents a minute for voice calls.


Arguably the most popular app for a faux disposable phone is Burner, as it’s been around the longest. When you make or get a call through Burner, it reroutes it. Your primary phone then receives the call so no one has to know your secondary phone number unless you want them to.

You can send pictures and texts and even generate a Canadian area code if you want. Do you like voicemail greetings? You can customize these with Burner as well. More feature are spam and Robocall blocking, text and call forwarding, auto-reply texts, do not disturb, contact muting and blocking, and a caller ID.


Can a burner phone be traced?

Although it’s not as easy, through triangulation, someone could trace your disposable phone. Compared to the methods used for finding smartphone users (reviewing Wi-Fi and GPS), triangulation is more inaccurate. It’s enough so that the NSA can’t find every last burner phone. Do with that information what you will.

When would you want to use a disposable phone number?

There are plenty of wholesome reasons you might want a secondary phone number through a disposable phone or app. For instance, perhaps you wish for a vanity number for your business. An app can give you that. If you’re using a dating app and you don’t want to give out your real phone number, with a burner phone, you don’t have to.

Top 12 Free Sites for Online Phone Number to Receive Texts

Top 12 Free Sites for Online Phone Number to Receive Texts

If you are wondering of a way to send and receive messages online for free, then we have got your back. Yes, you can do so! Sending and receiving messages online free is now as easy as ABC.

With every passing day, communication is becoming easier. As communication infrastructure is developing fast, new modes and methods to communicate are invented. What once cost many dollars is now almost free. What previously took days to be done can now be done within a matter of seconds. With globalization and the enhancement of communication technology, there are many free methods available for communication.

Perhaps you started a new small-scale business and are looking for ways to cut down on costs. Or, the situation can be such that you have a lot of friends and relatives living in various parts of the world with whom you want to keep in touch.

And it doesn’t just end there. You might be handling business clients or suppliers in countries where popular social media sites are banned, such as China. There can be a hundred more reasons for you to use sites that allow you to use online phone numbers to receive texts.

However, what are the best methods to use this amazing service for free?

Here are the top twelve sites for online phone number to receive texts.   

Top Free Sites to receive texts for online free numbers


PingMe is a new website using which you can send and receive text messages for free. You can also make international calls ate very cheap rates. Despite being new in the scene, PingMe has gained a lot of popularity for its amazing service. You can find the PingMe app in both Google Play and the App Store. It will also be available in the Amazon Store soon. 

PingMe also offers various offers and bonuses. Such as, it offers free credit to new users and more credits if you invite new people to use the app. All you need to have is a reliable internet connection and you are set to receive text messages for free online and enjoy many other fun and useful features. Here is a link to the website https://www.pingme.tel/.

Receive SMS Online.info

Receive SMS Online.info is a website specially designed to receive messages online for free. It uses a special feature called the Dynamic ID Sender feature. This site uses a real sim and shows you exactly what message has been received with no part omitted. If you happen to see a limitation in receiving the message, then that is probably due to the sim card company and not the website. Furthermore, you can also check the routes that the messages are following.

Receive SMS Online.info currently provides its services in the USA, Russia, Spain, France, Romania, UK and Germany. A big benefit of using this website is that it will keep your phone number private and hidden. In this way, it will be easier for you to conduct business and keep hackers and spammers away. 

SMS Receive Free

The name of the website already explains a lot about it. SMS Receive Free lets you get text messages for free. This website lets you receive messages for free from all over the globe to USA and Canadian numbers only. The site will also allow you to verify and register for various websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and lots more.

The numbers in the site are updated as such that the phone numbers are discarded weekly and virtual phone numbers are updated every month. Received messages are deleted after seven days of receiving.

SMS Receive Fee promises to keep its services free and minimal in the best way possible. It also protects your privacy in the sense that you do not have to use your actual phone number when activating an account.

In this way, you can avoid sharing your personal phone number in public platforms. The number of messages you can receive is unlimited. The following is a link to their website 

Receive SMSS Online

Receive SMSS Online not only lets you receive online messages for free but also lets you receive voicemail. Using the numbers provided in the site and with no requirement to register with your actual phone number, you can enjoy its services while keeping your privacy intact. Furthermore, there is no registration required and you do not have to provide any personal information.

You can receive messages from Facebook, Telegram, WeChat, VK, AliPay, PayPal and more. Furthermore, there is no set limit on the number of messages an individual can receive in a day.

This site offers its services in many countries including the USA, UK, Canada, Sweden, Belgium and Poland. In case of receiving text messages, it imposes no restrictions upon your location, device or IP address. Virtual phone numbers are updated every month so you have a vast array of numbers to choose from.

Receive SMSS Online promises to keep its services free forever and to not make any delays while receiving texts. For more information, check out their website: 

Free Phone Num

This site works wonderfully when you want to hide your phone number from people and platforms temporarily. For example, you want to register for a website and the site is asking for your phone number for the completion of registration procedure. However, many of us not feel comfortable in sharing our phone number with such a site.

Then what to do?

Well, you can just borrow one temporary phone number from the various ones this site is offering, which are known as “disposable phone number”.

Free Phone Num regularly updates and provides these temporary phone numbers based upon the number of users and demand. The service is completely free of any charge and receiving SMS does not involve any waiting time. Using this site you can also send messages for free, however, this service is currently only available in the USA and Canada.

To avail its facilities, all you need is a web browser and an internet connection. Then you are all set to receive text messages for free! Here is a link to the website

Receive Txt.com

Receive Txt.com is another website that lets you use online numbers for free to receive text messages. New numbers are updated every few weeks depending upon the demand and usage. You also get the advantage of receiving messages in real time as there is no delay or waiting time involved. These numbers can also be used to sign up and verify services from Google, Facebook, Gmail, WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, Line and KaKao Talk.

Although the service is limited to a few countries currently, especially USA and Canada, it is working on to make more countries available. Registering for this service is very easy. All you have to do is first choose a country, then select a temporary number from their provided list and start using their services! It is as easy as that and takes only a few minutes. To find out more about their website

Receive SMS   

Receive SMS is another such website that allows you to receive text messages for free online. Protect your privacy using this by staying anonymous. This is good for situations where a website asks for your number in order to send a verification code. if you care about your privacy, then you can just a pick a number form the various numbers they are providing and hide your real number from random websites.

Receiving messages in their numbers is completely free and they are available 24/7. They also guarantee a fast SMS delivery system, where you have to wait for seconds only and not hours.

As this is a platform open for all, any visitor on the website can view the messages you have received. However, the identity of the receiver remains anonymous and nobody will know who went the message to whom. These messages do not stay on the site for long; soon they are deleted. Get your information first hand directly from their website now.

Miracle Tele

Based and licensed in the Czech Republic in 2018, Miracle Tele lets you receive SMS for free using disposable phone numbers. Miracle Tele not only lets you receive messages for free but also provides you with calling and browsing services in 163 countries.

They strive to improve customer experience by providing them better privacy, reduced bureaucracy, affordable rates and value added services. You can also use this site to make outgoing calls at cheap rates; incoming calls are completely free of charge.       

Miracle Tele has a special token reward system for its users known as “TELE”. The more usage you do the more tokens you can stack and the higher number of rewards you get. The reward system works by distributing 40% of their total revenue amongst the users in every alternate week. So use more and earn more.

You can follow this link https://miracletele.com/files/onepager.pdf to check out their website!

SMS Online.co

SMS Online.co is another great addition to the list. It offers useful features along with free text message receiving. This involves no formality for registration and you do not even require a phone. You can just go to their website and use one of the enlisted numbers to receive your text messages for free. You can use this number to receive messages from various platforms including Facebook, Telegram, VK, WeChat, Paypal and AliPay. 

The services are available in many countries across the globe, some of which include the US, UK, France, Puerto Rico, Malaysia, Indonesia and Sweden. SMS Online.co boast about providing the best online services on the web and provides both virtual and real numbers. The numbers are refreshed regularly and the services are fast. It ensures to keep your privacy intact.

There is more good news on the way – you can try the premium features for free! This includes using emojis and languages other than English. You can use encoding or languages like Chinese, Arabic or even Cyrillic.

Free Online Phone.org

This very user-friendly website, which offers various free virtual phone numbers. Its services are spread out over a vast geographical proximity that covers up to 228 countries. Some of them at the top of the list are Canada, UK, US and Sweden. You can choose a phone number based on your current location. Just pick any phone number and it is yours! Like most other sites of this category, the numbers and messages are made public. However, their application is made discreet. 

The site also boasts a working 24/7 customer support service online. Furthermore, if you want to see your received messages that you got for free, just reload the page. The messages will be displayed in less than a second. No information received is hidden, broken or blocked. You will have access to all information despite the involvement of third parties.

The only setback is that there is a set limit on the number of accounts that can be created using a single phone number. So if you cannot open an account using a number, try other recently updated ones.

Free Online Phone.org is very similar to another website for disposable numbers, known as receive SMS Online.net. The only major difference is the color of the outlay. The reason for such similar designs and services is that the same company, known as Clicklow, has created them. Visit their website here at https://www.freeonlinephone.org/ for the latest updates.   

Text Now 

Text Now is another great website to use disposable phone numbers to get free messages. Text Now offers a unique number to each applicant. All you have to do is go to their website and register. After registration, you will be assigned your own unique phone number using which you can get text messages for free.

This website is used mostly by US and Canadian users. After completing registration formalities, you shall find your unique disposable number in the “Account Details” section.

However, there is a drawback that exists. Often after signing up users have complained about getting an error message saying “something is wrong with your signup, please try later!” in this case you can try again after some time or use a US proxy number.

A great functionality of this site is that you can use one number in multiple devices. You can use your laptop, mobile or phone and use a single number, as it works using the web browser. Get a feel of their website right now at

SMS Receive Net

The last item in the list, but this is also a good one. This website uses actual sim cards to store virtual phone numbers and real phone numbers. Upon registration, you will receive a free virtual phone number using which you can receive messages online for free. You can use this to get messages from a plethora of websites such as NAVERLINE, Yahoo, Microsoft, serverloft, CloudSigma, Facebook, Amazon, VK, OKru, Instagram and RealStatus.

However, all messages received using this website will be displayed publicly and cannot be deleted. Thus, it is advisable that you do not share private or confidential messages using this number such as passcodes. Currently, its services are available in many countries, which includes Romania, Poland, Germany, Russia, Croatia, UK and France. The website is a user-friendly one where it is easy to navigate, along with clear instructions on how to register and start using the phone numbers freely. To visit their website, click here.    


What do disposable numbers mean and how do they work?

Disposable or temporary phone numbers are those phone numbers that are available in a website for temporary usage. When you register with a phone number from the list of numbers provided, you actually borrow a number for use for a short time. After a while, that number is deleted or “disposed” off from the list. As the number solely does not belong to you forever, you cannot keep it for as long.

These numbers are updated and the messages stored in them are deleted periodically, mostly within a week’s time. However, with public sites, other users and visitors can see the free messages you are receiving. Your identity, however, remains anonymous and one cannot say whom the messages have been sent to. This is the entire mechanism of disposable or temporary phone numbers.     

What is the need of using temporary numbers?

Security is a prime concern nowadays, especially in the communication technology sector. As the world revolves around the internet, many new forms of hacking and malware are developed. Often when you register for a site, they ask for your phone number in order to send a confirmation code to code that it is you.

That is all fine but these numbers lose their privacy and do not stick to one sole purpose. Rather, they are distributed and often bought by other companies to facilitate their marketing activities.

A single telephone number is now enough to gain access to a lot of data and information. Mobile phone numbers are also in charge of various authentication codes and two-factor verification. Thus, it is best to keep it safe and spread it to public platforms as less as possible.

You can do this using these temporary mobile numbers. Whenever you land in a situation where a phone number is required, you can use one of these temporary numbers and get your job done.     

Which is the best one from the list?

This depends upon various factors such as the features you require and the reliability. Some offer only free incoming text messages, while others offer free voicemails too. Some also provide great choice for making international calls at cheap rates while others ace in the list of the countries their services are available.

Therefore, it will be not right to outright judge on one best pick. Rather you can try to see for yourself what suits you best. This also depends upon your internet connection. If your internet connection is disrupted, you will face delays in receiving text messages and this has nothing to do with their services.

Thus, it partly depends upon a reliable internet connection too. However, as a starter, you can try PingMe for fast and reliable services.   

Are these services free and reliable?

Each one of the sites listed above claim to be free or of bare minimum cost. If not for all the services provided, at least the text messages received are totally free of charge. Some even have a user reward scheme and others are working on providing more mobile numbers and increase to more countries worldwide. Thus, it can be concluded that all these services are reliable. 

What is the cause of delay in receiving a message despite their rapid services as promised?

Most of these services, if not all claim to provide rapid services with messages delivered in real time. This means it involves no delays or waiting time. However, users have complained that they sometimes face delays while receiving messages despite their claims. There can be three reasons for this.

The first is, the site where you entered a disposable phone number does not approve of using such temporary numbers and has blocked that number. As a result, you will not receive any confirmation message from that site as per that site’s policy.

The second reason can be due to the amount of rush. Often, your chosen phone numbers may have already received a lot of messages on that very day and is unable to take any more load. This leads to delays in messages received. If this occurs, you can try another number from the list provided.

The final reason can be your very own internet connection. As you are receiving this useful service with only one requirement; a good internet connection, you will face problems if that is not maintained. If this happens to be the reason, you can try turning your router off for a short while or contacting your Internet service provider.     

Call Indian Number from the United States at Cheaper Rates

Call Indian Number from the United States at Cheaper Rates

If you are someone living in the United States and either trade with India or have relatives living there, you are also someone who constantly searches for cheaper modes of communication with them. What are the ways to do this? How much cost can you actually cut by looking for cheaper means to communicate? Do these methods work in the end?

Well, the good news for you is that your search ends here. Read along to find out the answers to these questions. And start calling an India number from the United States just as low as $0.18/minute. The are multiple apps  that you could trust, but we highly recommend PingMe as your primary phone call app, not because it’s the cheapest but the best calling quality.

Trade between India and the United States is a common and rising phenomenon. As businesses flourish in one of the world’s most developed country and one of the fastest developing countries in the world, there exists a greater need for communication. While in trade, business people are always looking for ways to cut down on expenses, not compromising with quality at the same time.

Not only trade, with the cross flow of cultures and globalization, but there are also millions of Indians living in the United States. Whether people migrate with their families or send their kids over for higher education, or people in general shift for a better quality of life, the number of Indian immigrants to the United States has been on the rise. With this comes the need for better, faster and cheaper modes of communication.

Let’s see how can one achieve this.

How can you make calls to India at cheap rates from the United States, keeping in mind the necessity of a good network connection? The straightforward answer to this is, yes of course you can. That too, not only in one way but many.

There are many ways to make calls to Indian numbers in cheap rates from the United States. There exists apps, calling cards and VoIP services. But finding the best pick for you can be difficult, ensuring both cheap rates and good quality network.

Here we will narrow down your options to the best, most suitable ones. So if you want to know more, then keep reading. The purpose of this article is to enlighten you regarding this matter.

Calling to India from the United States at the Cheapest Rates

The following is a list of the best apps and services that will let you make calls to India at the cheapest rates.

Google Voice

Google has been making communication easier since forever. To its line of amazing services such as Gmail, Google Drive and the lot, Google Voice is another addition, which focuses on providing quality communication and calls at cheapest rates. We are all familiar with voice calling services and apps such as Viber and WhatsApp, with which you can call both international and local numbers at cheap rates.

Google Voice works in a similar manner, although not completely free. The voice quality it provides justifies its very cheap rates. If you want to make calls from the United States to India, it will cost you only 1 cent from mobile to mobile. On the other hand, if you make calls to a landline number in India, it will be the double the cost that is 2 cents.

All you need to be able to use this amazing service is a Google Voice account. In order to start making calls, visit the Google Voice website and log into your account. Then dial your desired number.

Furthermore, you will also require a mobile phone, VOIP adapter and standard phone. You need to connect the cordless phone, adapter and broadband connection. Just as easily you can make calls using this efficient service by Google. As an added advantage, you can also send voicemails using Google Voice.


Vonage is a popular VoIP phone that uses VoIP technology to make international calls. To use this you will need three things, much like Google Voice. You will require a Vonage adapter, which you can purchase from their website, a cordless phone and a broadband connection.

Vonage offers limitless calls to landline numbers at very cheap rates. It provides its services to over 50 countries worldwide. Within these countries, you can make unlimited calls to landline numbers and to mobile numbers for a set limit of 10 minutes. Vonage offers unlimited talk time for both landline and mobile phones within India at very affordable rates.

If you are frequent caller from India to the United States, such as calling daily or at least more than three times a week, then Vonage is the right choice for you. Do not worry about talk time also because even after talking for long hours, your monthly charge will amount only up to $29.

Vonage also has a special voicemail service, which ensures that you never miss a voicemail. Along with recording it in your mobile device, Vonage will also send an audio file of the voicemail to your email address. In this way, check your voicemail also while you check your emails. This dual checking system ensures that you never miss an important voice mail.

Other than all these great services, Vonage also provides a wireless handset with its package. If you choose to go for a one year contract, then for the first six months you can enjoy a special rate of only $9.99. Lastly, you do not need any special equipment to use Vonage as you can make and take calls using their mobile application from anywhere. So if you want an excellent array of services at the best rates, Vonage is the way to go.   

Skype Mobile App

Skype needs no introduction, as it is a very popular app, probably one of the oldest, most popular and commonly used apps when it comes to voice and video calling. A big advantage is that you can use both your desktop and mobile phone to make calls with Skype. Skype offers cheap rates to make international calls and Indians living in the United States use this app regularly.

You might be confused whether Skype is free or not. To answer your question, technically yes Skype is free, but only Skype to Skype calls are free of any charge. Many people do not know that it has a paid option, which provides an even better service than the regular Skype. With this version of Skype, you can make both landline and mobile calls to any country and the person on the other end does not have to use the Skype app.    

For India, Skype offers two affordable options; one is a paid as you go rate and another is a monthly subscription option. The pay as you go rate will deduct the balance from your account as you spend, whenever you talk. In India, the pay as you go plan rate is 1.5¢ per minute to any mobile or landline.

As for the monthly subscription, there are three plans, which are $1.42 per month for 120 minutes, the second option is $8.9/ month for 800 minutes and the third option is $19.99 per month for 2500 minutes. Furthermore, it also provides a one month free trial period, so you can back off from services if it does not suffice your needs.

If you are looking for an affordable way to communicate using both voice and video calling services, and make calls to both mobile numbers and landline phones, then Skype is the perfect way to go.

PingMe Mobile App

PingMe is a specialized mobile app that lets you make calls to India at cheap rates, not only from the United States but from anywhere in the world. PingMe works differently than most other apps. They operate using a patented technology called the PingMe Smart Dials technology that uses your regular minute plan to call local numbers.

Firstly, you need to give them your selected phone number and they will register you so you could select a local number. After this, you are ready to make calls. When you call a local Indian number, it will automatically charge you through your remaining credits.

The best part is, you can use this feature to set up calls for over 200 countries. Even while you are travelling, you do not need to worry about missing any important calls. You can connect to the internet or WiFi or use your data plan.   

The rates charged by PingMe are also very inexpensive. You can purchase 1000 minutes talk time for only a mere $9.99. Other than that, they have a monthly plan, which will cost you $9.99 a month to make unlimited calls to both landline and mobile numbers in India. PingMe also provides unlimited calls to the US with every plan that they offer.  

PingMe App provides more features such as call recording feature. With this, you can save, download and share your calls. Furthermore, you can send and receive messages using your local phone number. PingMe app also features a user-friendly interface that will make handling calls for both business and personal communication easy and fast.

So, if you are looking for an easy, reliable and affordable international calling service, then you can set your hopes high for PingMe Mobile App.     

Viber and WhatsApp

These are world-renowned apps to make calls. Viber and WhatsApp are both mobile apps that let you make free international and local calls. They are also very simple to use. After downloading them and providing the necessary information, you need to save the contacts in your phone book and they will automatically be updated in your Viber and WhatsApp contacts.

They also provide easy “invite friends” option to invite people who do not use these apps. You can use these to call, send messages, SMS and share media with other users. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection, and making calls is completely free without any country boundary.

Android, Windows, IOS and Blackberry all support these apps. However, both ends have to have these applications involved. Both these apps have been around for a very long time and have pioneered the industry of free calls over WiFi. These are reliable, affordable and easy to use applications that are suitable to call not only to India, but to any other country globally.     

International Calling Cards

International calling cards are similar to the prepaid sim cards used in India such as Reliance or Vodafone. However, these cards do not require to be inserted in a phone for making calls, rather it works via local access number and PIN number. You just have to dial the local number from any phone number and enter the PIN, and then dial the international number that you want to call.

The advantage with such type of calling cards is that these are cheaper than other local phone companies in the USA, in the sense that it does not involve any billing or statement.

International phone cards are widely used nowadays and there are several companies that are offering this service. Each comes with different rates and packages. The popular sim card brand Reliance offers such services known as the Reliance Global Call. Using this international card, you can make calls to India from the United States at local rates.

You can use these rates to make calls to both landline and mobile phone numbers. An added perk would be that you can use any phone to make these calls and it does not necessarily have to be a smartphone.


Which is the cheapest method to make mobile calls to India from the USA?

 From the many options provided above including VoIP apps, international calling cards and special mobile apps, free applications are definitely the cheapest. WhatsApp and Viber are two such apps that come with this free benefit and the quality of the calls are amazing. The only setback is that the person on the other end also needs to be a WhatsApp user. 

Which is the cheapest method to call landline numbers from the USA to India?

VoIP apps are the cheapest ways to make calls to landline phones in India from the United States. In this case, Vonage is a good option if you are also making many calls to various numbers. Vonage will provide you with a number and a wireless handset.

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receive sms online 17548379690

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receive sms online 12028563651

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List of last 50 SMS messages received